Awakening of Aggression

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Awakening of Aggression
Frank Klepacki - Awakening of Aggression-cover.jpg
Studio album by Frank Klepacki
Released 2006 (2006)
Genre Funk, Industrial metal, Alternative rock
Length 38:32
Label BMI
Producer Frank Klepacki
Frank Klepacki chronology
Virtual Control
Awakening of Aggression Infiltrator

Awakening of Aggression is the fourth solo album by video game music composer Frank Klepacki, released in 2006 and featuring, as usual, ten songs.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Awakening"
  2. "Kill"
  3. "Krung Kick"
  4. "Strange"
  5. "Fantasy"
  6. "Rox"
  7. "Brain Dead"
  8. "Magnafried"
  9. "Vigilante"
  10. "Rage and Fury"