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Axel Heiberg (1908–1988) was a Norwegian judge.

He was a son of barrister Axel Heiberg (1875–1952), brother of Bernt and Edvard Heiberg, nephew of Eivind Heiberg, first cousin of Hans Heiberg and a first cousin once removed of Gustav, Jacob, Gunnar and Inge Heiberg.[1]

He worked as a lawyer from 1935, and became a prosecutor in Oslo District Court in 1946. He was also working with the legal purge in Norway after World War II, and was involved in the Norwegian Bar Association.[2]

In 1952 he was named as a Supreme Court Justice, and he stood in this position until his retirement in 1978. He also served as leader of the Norwegian Association of Judges, and co-founded and edited the academic journal Lov og Rett. He died in 1988.[2]


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