Axel Thue

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Axel Thue
Axel Thue (1863-1922)
Born(1863-02-19)19 February 1863
Died7 March 1922(1922-03-07) (aged 59)
Alma materUniversity of Kristiania
Known forThue's theorem, Thue systems
Scientific career
InstitutionsUniversity of Kristiania
Trondheim Technical College
Thesis (1889)
Doctoral advisorElling Holst
Doctoral studentsThoralf Skolem

Axel Thue (Norwegian: [tʉː]; 19 February 1863 – 7 March 1922) was a Norwegian mathematician, known for his original work in diophantine approximation and combinatorics.


Thue published his first important paper in 1909.[1]

He stated in 1914 the so-called word problem for semigroups or Thue problem, closely related to the halting problem.[2]

His only known PhD student was Thoralf Skolem.

The esoteric programming language Thue is named after him.


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  • Thue, A. (1977) [1912], "Über die gegenseitige Lage gleicher Teile gewisser Zeichenreihen", Selected Math. Papers of Axel Thue, Universiteitsforlaget: 67

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