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Aymé Kunc (born Toulouse, 1877 – died there, 1958) was a French composer and administrator, director of the Conservatoire de Toulouse Conservatory from 1914 until 1944. He won second prize alongside Maurice Ravel in the Prix de Rome competition of 1902; until 1907 he was the orchestra chief at the Théâtre Apollo in Paris. In 1914 he took over leadership of the Toulouse Conservatory, in which capacity he served for thirty years.

Beginning in 1996, the Association Aymé-Kunc has promoted the composer's music, and has recorded a number of his works, including the Messe de Sainte-Cécile.


Chamber music[edit]

  • Sonata for violin and piano
  • Fancy dance form, for violin and piano
  • Pastorale for violin and piano
  • Symphonic Suite for two cellos and piano
  • Suite for flute, cello and piano
  • Trio for violin, cello and piano
  • Piano Quartet
  • String Quartet No. 1 (1946)
  • String Quartet No. 2 (1948)
  • Short pieces for string quartet
  • Petite Suite for wind quintet
  • Quintet for wind quintet (1954)
  • Scherzetto for wind quintet
  • Asturiana for wind quintet

Keyboard works[edit]

Works for piano

  • Scherzetto
  • Simple songs

Organ works

  • Scherzetto
  • Symphonic fantasy

Orchestral Works[edit]

  • Festive Overture (1904-1907)
  • Dramatic Suite (1904-1907)
  • Feuillets d'album
  • Four Mediterranean Sketches (1949)
  • Cloches d'Automne for orchestra
  • Prelude and final
  • Fantasie for piano and orchestra (1904–07)
  • Pensée musicale for harp and orchestra (1916)
  • Four Pieces for Flute and Orchestra
  • Pastorales for violin and orchestra (1919)
  • Legend for viola and orchestra (1931)
  • Poem for cello and orchestra (1943)
  • Nocturne for horn and orchestra (?)

Vocal music[edit]

Melodies with piano

  • Appeasement
  • I do not know flower
  • Spring
  • Autumn sun
  • The Journey
  • Chorus a cappella or with piano or small ensemble
  • The Bohemian (with violin)
  • Pastoral song (with piano)
  • Two Folksongs
  • Popular songs Languedoc
  • I do not want to sing
  • Christmas release
  • The Softer song


  • Cantata for the coronation of Dante (1921)
  • Anthem wings

Motets and sacred works

  • Ave Maria I
  • Ave Maria II
  • Ave Maria III
  • Ave verum I
  • Ave verum II
  • Mass of St. Cecilia (1923)
  • Psalm CXLVII

Music for the Stage[edit]


  • Weapons of Vulcan
  • Dead gods
  • Ancient pastoral


  • Slaves (1911)


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