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Private Company
Industry Computer Vision Software
Founded 2010
Headquarters France
Key people
Gisèle Belliot, CEO
José Alonso Ybanez Zepeda
Website http://www.ayotle.com/

Ayotle is a French-Mexican company headquartered in Paris, France, that develops computer vision software and provides technical services based on motion capture and 3D sensors for interactive applications to the media and entertainment industry. The company was co-founded by José Alonso YBANEZ ZEPEDA and Gisèle BELLIOT on June 2010.[1]

Ayotle’s expertise centres on the development and implementation of advanced algorithms for computer vision, from video images in all formats, and to the use of 3D cameras or depth sensors.

Up until now, Ayotle developed two main innovative software solutions. With FaceTracker, using highly advanced technologies in markerless motion capture, Ayotle offers new solutions for computer facial animation. With the AnyTouch project, Ayotle provides a solution that can transform any surface or object into a touch device.


The name Ayotle comes from the word Ayotl, which means turtle shell in Nahuatl, the original language used by the Aztecs in Mexico.


Ayotle is currently supported by Paris Region Lab,[2] ASTIA,[3] Mairie de Paris,[4] Oséo,[5] Scientipôle Initiative,[6] Cap-Digital,[7] Telecom ParisTech[8]


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