Azal branco

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"Carvalha" redirects here. For the red Portuguese wine grape also known as Carvalha, see Tinta Carvalha.
Azal branco
Grape (Vitis)
Color of berry skin White
Species Vitis vinifera
Also called See list of synonyms
Origin Portugal
Notable regions Vinho Verde

Azal branco is a white Portuguese wine grape[1] planted primarily in the Minho region. It noted for the high acidity of its wines, and is used for white Vinho Verde.[2] Varietal Azal Branco wines can be somewhat reminiscent of Riesling.

Total Portuguese plantations are around 5,100 hectares (13,000 acres), which makes it the second-most planted grape variety of Minho, after Loureiro.[3]


Azal branco is also known under the synonyms Asal branco, Asal da Lixa, Azal bianco, Azal da Lixa, Carvalha, Carvalhal, Es Pinheira, Gadelhudo, and Pinheira.[1]

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