Béla Nagy Abodi

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Béla Nagy Abodi
Abodi, hungarian painter and academic
Born(1918-07-13)13 July 1918
Died9 December 2012(2012-12-09) (aged 94)[1]
Known foroil, tempera, watercolor painting, monumental painting, graphic art, book illustration, drawing
Websitehttp://www.abodi.org, http://www.abodi.hu

Béla Nagy Abodi (Hungarian: Abodi Nagy Béla; 13 July 1918 – 9 December 2012) was a Hungarian painter, and professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Cluj-Napoca. That studied at Belle-Arte Academy and ended up being at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts. He spent 5 years in the Hungarian army then imprisoned as a war prisoner in Russia. He eventually ended up being a teacher at the same academy. He studied in the class of Camil Ressu at the Academia de Belle-Arte in Bucharest, and then went to the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest, as a student of István Szőnyi.[2]


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