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Country France, Italy
Basin features
Main source Maritime Alps
River mouth Roya
43°49′19″N 7°35′3″E / 43.82194°N 7.58417°E / 43.82194; 7.58417 (Roya-Bévéra)Coordinates: 43°49′19″N 7°35′3″E / 43.82194°N 7.58417°E / 43.82194; 7.58417 (Roya-Bévéra)
Progression RoyaLigurian Sea
Physical characteristics
  • Average rate:
    2.24 m3/s (79 cu ft/s)[1]

The Bévéra (in French) or Bevera (in Italian) (Beura in Occitan and Ligurian) is a river of southeastern France and northwestern Italy.


Bévéra source is in the Maritime Alps, near Moulinet in the French Alpes-Maritimes department. It flows generally southeast, through Sospel, crosses the Italian border (province of Imperia) and discharges into the river Roya, near Ventimiglia. Its length within France is 27 kilometres (17 mi). The Basséra is one of its tributaries.


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