BBÖ Class 113

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BBÖ 113
DRB 33.1
ÖBB 33
Locomotive 33.132.jpg
Locomotive 33.132 in 2011
Number(s) DRB 33 101–140
ÖBB 33.101–140
Quantity 40
Year(s) of manufacture 1923–1928
Retired 1968
Axle arrangement 2D h2
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Length over buffers 20.698 m
Length 17.242 m
Height 4.650 m
Overall wheelbase 9.540 m
Service weight 85.2 t
Adhesive weight 59.4 t
Top speed 100(85) km/h
Driving wheel diameter 1,740 mm
Leading wheel diameter 1,034 mm
Piston stroke 720 mm
Boiler Overpressure 15 bar
No. of heating tubes 151
No. of smoke tubes 32
Heating tube length 5,200 mm
Grate area 4.47 m2
Radiative heating area 16.10 m2
Tube heating area 187.90 m2
Superheater area 69.5 m2
Tender 85
Water capacity 27.0 m3
Fuel 7.44 m3 coal

The steam locomotive class BBÖ 113 was an express train, tender locomotive class operated by the Federal Railway of Austria (BBÖ).


After World War I new locomotives had to be built for the Austrian Western Railway due to increasing train loads and the replacement of old, wooden, passenger coaches with steel-bodied coaches. A 4-8-0 design was chosen which was based in many respects on the Class 570 of the Austrian Southern Railway, but which, at the same time, had numerous improvements. Between 1923 and 1928 40 locomotives of this new Class 113 were taken into service with the BBÖ.

This class was very powerful and much liked by locomotive crews. It was employed on the most importance passenger train duties and in front of express and fast trains (Eilzüge) and fulfilled its role on main lines well until the end of the steam era, when its top speed of 85 km/h was no longer considered enough. In 1939, the Deutsche Reichsbahn took these locomotives over as DRG Class 33 101–140. In 1953 there were still 33 engines left in the ÖBB, their Reichsbahn numbers being retained. All were retired by 1968.

Preserved locomotives[edit]

Number 33.102 has been preserved for the Austrian Railway Museum (Österreichische Eisenbahnmuseum) and is based today at the Strasshof Railway Museum (Eisenbahnmuseum Strasshof) in Lower Austria. In the 1980s a preserved example in Yugoslavia was bought by private firm and restored to operational status. Today this engine has the fictitious number 33.132 and is available for heritage trips. In addition another locomotive exists in Poland, which can be regarded more as a Polish copy of the Class 570 predecessor.

Number Built Status Owner/Location
33.102 1923 Exhibit TMW / Strasshof Railway Museum
33.132 1925 Working Brenner & Brenner / St. Pölten
33.215 1927 Unrestored Warsaw Railway Museum / Warsaw

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