BBC Orchestras and Singers

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BBC Orchestras and Singers refers collectively to a number of orchestras, choirs and other musical ensembles, maintained by the BBC.

Current list of ensembles[edit]

Disbanded BBC ensembles[edit]

  • BBC Northern Singers (became The Britten Singers in 1991)
  • BBC Midland Light Orchestra[1]
  • BBC Northern Dance Orchestra
  • BBC Northern Ireland Orchestra (absorbed by the Ulster Orchestra)[2]
  • BBC Opera Orchestra (formed 1949, disbanded and reformed as the BBC Concert Orchestra, 1952)
  • BBC Radio Orchestra (1964-1991)
  • BBC Revue Orchestra
  • BBC Scottish Radio Orchestra
  • BBC Television Orchestra (1936-39, disbanded but reformed as the BBC Revue Orchestra, amalgamated with The BBC Variety Orchestra into the BBC Radio Orchestra, 1964)
  • BBC Theatre Orchestra (formed 1931, became the BBC Opera Orchestra in 1949)
  • BBC Variety Orchestra (1935-1964)
  • BBC West of England Light orchestra (1950-1960)
  • BBC West of England Players (1960-1965)
  • The New BBC Orchestra (founded 1966, renamed the BBC Training Orchestra in 1968, and then the Academy of the BBC in 1974 - disbanded 1977)[3]
  • BBC Chorus


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