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BB Jay
Birth nameJarvis Edward Cooper
BornBrooklyn, New York
GenresEast Coast hip hop, Christian hip hop
Occupation(s)rapper, pastor, producer
Years active1996–present
Associated actsMC Hammer, KRS-One, Hezekiah Walker, Mary Mary,[1][2][3][4][5] Guillermo Edghill Jr.[6]

Jarvis Edward Cooper, often abbreviated J.E. Cooper, is an American hip hop artist professionally known as BB Jay from Brooklyn, NY famously noted for his vocal similarity to late hip-hop legend The Notorious B.I.G.. He is noted for his music to reflect the Christian views and values of his faith and belief in the divinity of Jesus.[7]

Early life[edit]

Born Jarvis Edward Cooper in Brooklyn, NY, BB Jay was raised in New Jersey.[8] He was first introduced to Christian rap at the age of 11. He went to a Christian youth camp in Lebanon, New Jersey where he met gospel rapper Charles E. Mitchell Sr. (aka Rap'n Rev).[9]

Hip hop career[edit]

In 1997, BB Jay released his first single independently, called "The Pentecostal Poppa". The single was successful on radio and received rotation on BET. A year after signing with Jive Records, he released his international debut album Universal Concussion in 2000.[10][11] The album was heavily promoted with music videos, singles, and national touring. After a five-year hiatus, BB Jay recorded a collaboration album with rappers Pettidee & Demetrus titled 3 The God Way, released in 2005.[12] Unlimited was released on June 26, 2007. The 17-track album will have a companion DVD also titled Unlimited.

BB Jay is often cited as one of the very few who is openly a Christian in the mainstream hip hop industry.[citation needed]

Awards and achievements[edit]

In the year 2002, BB Jay has received a Holy Hip-Hop Award and a Stellar Award for New Artist Of The Year.[13] In 2007, he won a Carolina Holy Hip Hop Achievement Award for National Hip Hop Apostle of the Year.[14]

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