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BEM or Bem may refer to:



People with the given name Bem[edit]

  • Bem Le Hunte (born 1964), author who has published internationally

People with the surname Bem[edit]

  • Daryl Bem (born 1938), social psychologist at Cornell University
  • Józef Bem (1794–1850), Polish general and a national hero of Poland and Hungary
  • Pavel Bém (born 1963), Czech politician
  • Sandra Bem (1944–2014), Pennsylvanian psychologist known for many of her works in androgyny
  • Elisabeth Boehm or Elisaveta Merkuryevna Bem (1843–1914), Russian painter

People with the nickname or pen name Bem[edit]

  • Bernie Mireault (born 1961), who uses the pen name Bem, a French-Canadian comic book artist and writer

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