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Founded September 20, 1983
Headquarters 113 Thailand Science Park,Phahonyothin Road,Khlong Neung,Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani 12120,Thailand

The National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC) is research center under the umbrella of the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Ministry of Science and Technology. The Center was founded on 20 September 1983 and became a member of NSTDA in 1991.

Decades in Brief[edit]

First Decade (1983–1992)

BIOTEC provided basic infrastructure in biotechnology. To achieve its goals, the Center built up a network of biotech experts and supported the development of laboratories in academic institutions. BIOTEC also strongly supported the competency enhancement of personnel in the biotechnology field by granting scholarships for Master's and Doctoral degrees.

Second Decade (1993–2002)

As new technology quickly evolved, BIOTEC worked in collaboration with several leading institutions in Thailand to achieve biotechnology excellence. In preparing the country for biotechnology, its notable successes included: Biotechnology Policy Development, Intellectual Property Management, Biosafety Guidelines, raising public awareness, and educating people about biotech and its applications.

Third decade (2003–present)

Thailand's National Biotechnology Policy Framework has been implemented with emphasis on healthcare services, modern biotechnology, education, training, biotechnology business and intellectual property rights. While its new technologies and discoveries have been transferred and applied for the benefit of private companies and the public, especially in rural communities, enhancement of the competency of personnel in the biotechnology field remains its focus.

Research Units[edit]

  • Bioresources Technology Unit[1]
  • Agricultural Biotechnology Research Unit[2]
  • Food Biotechnology Research Unit[3]
  • Medical Molecular Biology Research Unit[4]
  • Genome Institute[5]
  • Biochemical Engineering and Pilot Plant Research and Development Unit[6]
  • Excellent Center of Waste Utilization and Management (ECoWaste)[7]
  • Cassava and Starch Technology Research Unit[8]
  • Rice Gene Discovery Unit[9]
  • Medical Biotechnology Research Unit[10]
  • Biomedical Technology Research Center[11]
  • Center of Excellence for Marine Biotechnology[12]
  • Center of Excellence for Molecular Biology and Genomics of Shrimp[13]
  • Center of Excellence for Shrimp Molecular Biology and Biotechnology[14]
  • Peat Swamp and Hala-Bala Rain Forest Research Unit[15]

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