BSA Buccaneer Air Rifle

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BSA Buccaneer
Type Air Rifle
Place of origin  United Kingdom
Production history
Manufacturer BSA Guns (UK) Limited Gamo
Weight 2.7 kg (6.0 lb) scopeless
Length 900mm

Cartridge .177/.22 calibre Pellets
Action break barrel, spring powered
Muzzle velocity 430 ft/s (131 m/s)
Sights Adjustable

The BSA Buccaneer was a break barrel spring powered air rifle first produced in 1977,[1] by the BSA Guns (UK) Limited. It was manufactured in both .177 (4.5 mm) and .22 (5.5 mm) calibers and marketed as introduction air rifle for younger shooters with a muzzle energy of 5.5 ft•lbf (7.5 J). The rifle had a safety catch which was disengaged by operation of a lever next to the shooter's thumb.


  • Overall Length: 900mm
  • Barrel Length: 470mm
  • Weight (without scope) 2,7 kg


The rife shared the action of the BSA Scorpion Air Pistol, barrel from a BSA Meteor Air Rifle and moulded plastic grips designed for right hand shooters. The spring and piston were compressed by breaking the barrel through 125° before loading a pellet directly into the breach. The barrel was then returned into place and secured with a detent lock.

The rifle was packed in a polystyrene tray with a printed cardboard sleeve. The standard kit included a bottle of oil, a small tube of pellets, a pressed steel target holder with targets, and a barrel extension to provide extra leverage when cocking.

The last production run of this Air Rifle was 1981.


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