Bażyński Oak

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Bażyński Oak

The Bażyński Oak - is an Oak tree and natural monument in Poland. One of the oldest trees in Poland, whose age is estimated at around 700 years. Circumference of 9.9 metres, height about 25 metres. It grows in the town of Kadyny on the Vistula Lagoon In 1880 the oak's trunk was 8.64 metres wide and the radius of its crown was 13 metres; at the time its large hollow was fitted with a wooden door and a guard was posted to protect it.[1] It is named after Jan Bażyński, former owner of Kadyny and one of the founders of the Prussian Confederation.

The area around the Bażyński Oak also includes six other old oaks which are also on the registry of Polish national monuments.[1]


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Coordinates: 54°17′45″N 19°29′15″E / 54.295833°N 19.487500°E / 54.295833; 19.487500