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Babi may refer to:

  • Babai (Pashtun tribe) also known as Babi, is a Pashtun tribe.
  • Babi Dynasty, founded in 1735 by Muhammed Sher Khan Babi (r.1748-1758), Nawabs of this dynasty went on to rule over Junagadh in Gujarat, from the 18th to the 20th century.
  • Babi (title), in various Indian titles
  • Babi is a nickname for the Greek name Charalampos (Χαράλαμπος)
  • Babi (mythology), a baboon god in Egyptian mythology
  • A Bábí is a follower of the Báb, a religious leader from Persia
  • Pig, Babi in Malay, Indonesian, and Kapampangan
  • BABI is also a Mobile Suit name in anime Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny. Codename:AMA-953 BABI
  • Basalt Achondrite Best Initial (BABI) is an acronym used in the Geosciences; Basalt Achondrite Best Initial.
  • Lord Babi, from the Golden Sun video game series.
  • Bhabhi in Gujarati is sister-in-law
  • Babi Island (disambiguation), several islands of this name in south east Asia
  • FK Babi, a football club in the Republic of Macedonia

Babi can be a surname:

Babi can also be a nickname:

  • Babi Xavier (born 1974), Brazilian actress, model and TV hostess

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