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Babilonas (trademark "Babilonas – City Within City") is a privately developed district of retail, commercial, residential and public buildings in Panevėžys, Lithuania.

The district covers an area of 80 ha, and this is the largest such project in the Baltic States.

Since 2003, two general shopping malls and several specialized shopping malls, service businesses and shops were built. Residential buildings are under construction (3 residential districts are planned). Industrial and commercial land lots are available. Construction of public buildings, apartments and offices is planned.

The project is developed by Ogmios group of companies

Project buildings[edit]

General shopping malls[edit]

Babilonas logo.jpg
  • Shopping and entertainment centre "Babilonas" (various shops, restaurants, cinema Forum Cinemas Babilonas, entertainment zone, furniture hall).
  • Shopping and entertainment centre "Babilonas I" (various shops, restaurants) – in future it is planned to connect this shopping mall to shopping mall "Babilonas"
  • "Maxima" and "Ermitažas" (project)

Specialized shopping malls, service centers and shops[edit]

Residential buildings[edit]


Babilonas project development started in 2003. The name “Babilonas” (Lithuanian for Babylon) was chosen as it is used to describe a large city full of different nations and cultures, and of thriving commerce.

In 2005 shopping mall Babilonas I was opened. In 2007 – shopping mall Babilonas.[1] These are the largest shopping malls in the northwestern Lithuania (Aukštaitija). In 2008 shopping mall Babilonas was extended by a cinema and several new shops.[2]

In years 2006 – 2008 shopping centers "Bauhof",[3] "PROMO Cash & Carry" were built together with the Technical service center, KESKO agricultural center and automobile shop and service “Sostena”.[4][5]

In 2005 the publishing of newspaper Babilonas began. The idea of this newspaper is to publish only positive informatikon (news of disasters and crimes are not printed). Here the Babilonas projects are also advertised. Currently (2010) the newspaper is published once every three weeks and is distributed free of charge. Its circulation (as of 2010 September) is 30 thousand (the largest among regional newspapers in Panevėžys).[6]

In 2007 Babilonas was awarded the title of "Best multifunctional complex" by the Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association.[7]

Some Babilonas projects were cancelled or postponed due to the 2008 financial crisis. For example, previously a construction of two skyscrapers for office and residential use was planned. However Babilonas is still being developed. Construction of a detached private home community Babilono dvaras started in 2010.


The project publishes its own newspaper Babilonas (ISSN 2029-0519). It is published once a month and distributed free of charge. Its circulation is about 30,000, which makes Babilonas the largest regional newspaper in northeastern Lithuania. Babilonas publishes positive regional news and information. Articles on crimes, disasters, and other negative events are not published. As of December 2014, there were 91 issues.


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