Babu I Love You

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Babu I Love You
Babu I Love You.jpg
Directed by Sanjay Nayak
Produced by Soumya Ranjan Patnaik,
Ajit Mishra
Written by Soumya Ranjan Patnaik
Starring Chandan Kar,
Archita Sahu,
Anu Chowdhury,
Bijay Mohanty
Music by Malay Misra
Cinematography S. Ranjan
Samba Shiva Rao
Edited by Sanjay Nayak
Balunkeswar Films
Distributed by Balunkeswar Films
Release date
  • 2 May 2005 (2005-05-02)
Running time
172 min
Country India
Language Odia

Babu I Love You is an Oriya drama and romance film released on 9 May 2005. Starring Chandan Kar, Archita Sahu and Anu Chowdhury in key roles.[1][2][3] It loosely inspired by Bollywood movie Teri Meherbaniyan.[4]


Raghupati (Raimohan Parida) is a cruel & powerful man in the village. He kills the Jamidar (Landlord) of the village, occupies his palace and keeps his daughter Arati (Anu Choudhury) under terror. Also keeps Jagu (Siddhanta Mahapatra) as a slave, because Jagu's father exchange him against the loan he takes from Raghupati. Arati and Jagu as are in the same fate love each other. Raghupati with his aids Raghsb and Rajaram (Jairam Samal) exploits and rules the poor people of the village. One day a forest officer Akash (Chandan Kar) comes to the village to look after nearby forest. He meets Bijuli (Archita Sahu) by an accident and both falls in love each other. Gradually due his noble qualities, Akash becomes the ideal voice of the village. Akash counters and tries to stop the illegal activities the trio Raghupati, Raghab and Rajaram.

One day Akash goes to the town to attend head office.. Before leaving, he asks his faithful dog to guard Bijuli. But Bijuli tires of the dog's constant attention and locks him up. The trio Raghpati, Raghab and Rajaram tries to rape Bijuli.To save herself from rape, Bijuli suicides by stabbing herself. An enraged and heartbroken Akash lashes the dog for failing to guard Bijli, but Arati and Jagu holds back, telling him that Bijuli herself locked the dog up. Eventually Akash brutally murdered by the trio and Jagu falsely send to jail for the murder. But the faithful dog comes to rescue, collects the evidence that Raghupati, Raghab and Rajaram are the culprits. Finally the trio arrested. Jagu and Arati marries at last.


  • Siddhanta Mahapatra ... Jaganath / Jagu
  • Anu Choudhury ... Arati
  • Chandan Kar ... Akash
  • Bijoy Mohanty ... Bijuli's father
  • Archita Sahu ... Bijuli
  • Raimohan Parida ... Raghupati
  • Jairam Samal ... Rajaram
  • Papi Santuka ... Raghab
  • Biju Badajena ... Police Inspector
  • Premanjana Parida... Jamidar (Arati's father)
  • Kanta Singh ... Village Lady
  • Tapas Roy ... Naga
  • Subhranshu Sarangi ... Police Inspector
  • Bapi ... Hotel owner
  • Seema ... Neuli
  • Rajat ... Young Akash


The Music for the film is composed by Manmath Misra

Song Lyrics Singer(s)
Babu I Love You(title song) Arun Mantri Bibhu Kishor, Ira Mohanty
Adha Batu Chaligalu Arun Mantri Md. Aziz
Tu Daki Delu Arun Mantri Ira Mohanty
Mana Khali Thila Kali Manmath Misra Kumar Bapi, Ira Mohanty
Pabana re Pabana Arun Mantri Ira Mohanty
Saharia Babu Manmath Misra Ira Mohanty
Apple Kha Sanjay Nayak Manas Pritam , Sanghamitra




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