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Baby film.jpg
Directed by Daniel Mulloy
Produced by Ohna Falby
Written by Daniel Mulloy
Starring Arta Dobroshi
Daniel Kaluuya
Josef Altin
Cinematography Lol Crawley
Edited by Dan Robinson
Sister Films
Distributed by Film Four
Release date
  • 19 January 2010 (2010-01-19) (Sundance Film Festival)
Running time
26 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English & Bosnian

Baby is a Brixton set drama short film, written and directed by Daniel Mulloy. Baby premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and went on to win multiple awards including the coveted British Independent Film Award.


A young woman (Arta Dobroshi) witnesses another woman being robbed, on a bustling London street. She watches and realizing no one else will intervene the young woman tries to stop the mugging. She bravely confronts the thief (Daniel Kaluuya) only to find that he follows her home. As their journeys continue each is revealed to be struggling with their own issues of pain and intimacy.[1]


Baby is Daniel Mulloy's follow up to his highly successful trilogy of short films that include BAFTA Award winning Antonio's Breakfast, European Film Award Nominee Dad and Slamdance Film Festival Grand Jury winner Son.[2]

Baby was commission by Film Four and the British Film Institute as the last in their successful Cinema Extreme short film strand.[3][4]

The film was based on an event Mulloy witnessed:

I travel routinely on the subway and get off at the same stop every day. I then walk a hundred meters to the bus stop. Like most people, I keep to myself, comfortable in my own world. I was in this routine when I saw a woman being pick-pocketed. I interrupted the thief just as Sara does in Baby. It turned out to be a crew working together - they pulled out knives. The bubble of my routine was popped. I wanted to put my lead character into a similar scenario, then watch as she is followed onto the bus by one of the guys.[5]


Baby premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival,[6] to international critical acclaim and in the UK it went on to win the 2010 Edinburgh Film Festival and the British Independent Film Awards. The film received positive critical acclaim; Filmmaker wrote that the film "will haunt you well after its final frame goes dark."[7]

Baby was ranked third most successful international short film in the world for the year 2011 by Short Film Magazine.[8]



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