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Baby Blinkins were toys manufactured by the American toy-company LJN and launched in 1985.

They were fairy-glowbug creatures who lived in Blinkin land who had small wings which lit up and glowed in rainbow colours when their bodies were squeezed.

Along with the plush dolls Blinkins were small dolls, playsets, accessories, books and videos. The small versions each came with a pet or accessory and a butterfly comb.


  • Let their love light shine!


Plush Dolls[edit]

  • Baby Glimmer
  • Baby Glisten
  • Baby Shimmer

Small Dolls[edit]

  • Blink - came with Carrie - pet caterpillar
  • Flashy - came with Swing accessory
  • Flicker - came with Lazy Day Green Leaf Rocker accessory
  • Shady - came with Buzz - pet bug
  • Sparkle - came with pet bug
  • Baby Twinkle - came with Lacy Leaf Cradle accessory

Blinkins Friends & Foe Dolls[edit]

  • Mr Ben The Owl
  • Grog the Frog

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