Babylon (band)

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OriginFlorida, USA
GenresProgressive rock
Years active1976 — 1978
LabelsMehum Music, Syn-Phonic[1]

Babylon was a progressive rock band from Florida that emerged from the band Helicopter.[2] Babylon was formed in 1976 by Rick Leonard, Rodney Best, Doroccas, J. David Boyko, and Gary Chambers.[3]


Babylon has been compared to Marillion, Gentle Giant, Rush, and Nursery Cryme period Genesis. The members state their main influences as Gentle Giant, Van der Graaf Generator, Happy the Man, Genesis, and others.[4][5]


  • Babylon (1978, reissued 1995 and 1999)
  • Night Over Never: Live at the Empty Keg 1 (1989)
  • Better Conditions for the Dead: Live at the Empty Keg 2 (1989/2002)


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