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GenresProgressive rock, symphonic rock
Years active1974–1984; 2012; 2014-present
LabelsRarity Records
MembersMario Neto
Sergio Villarim
Delto Simas
Marco Verrissimo
Márcus Moura
Mr. Paul
Jane Duboc

Bacamarte is a Brazilian symphonic/progressive rock band originally formed in 1974 by three school friends, although, because of their ages, they soon disbanded. In 1977 Neto reformed Bacamarte with a new set of musicians and it was this line-up that in 1978 recorded Bacamarte's opus Depois do Fim. Neto was wary of the then popular disco scene and decided that he would withhold the tape and release it at a more suitable time. After being persuaded by a friend in 1982 he submitted the tape to a local radio station;[1] the album itself was then released in early 1983. A second album was released in 1999 from material recorded in the 1980s; this album, Sete Cidades (Seven Cities) is largely considered a Mario Neto solo work and features only Neto and keyboardist Robério Molinari. However, the original line up decided to join again for a series of shows, and are working together from time to time using the moniker Bacamarte.


  • Vinícius de Oliveira – bass
  • Nelson Paiva – drums
  • Hugo Lacerda – vocals
  • Jane Duboc – vocals.
  • Márcus Moura – flute, accordion.
  • Mario Neto – electric and acoustic guitars, piano, keyboards, bass, drums, percussion, vocals.
  • Mr. Paul – percussion.
  • Delto Simas – bass.
  • Marco Verissimo – drums.
  • Sergio Villarim – keyboards.


  • Depois Do Fim (1983)
  • Sete Cidades (1999)

All-Time Ranking[edit]

Depois Do Fim is ranked number 66 on the Prog Archives Top Studio Albums of All-Time.[2]


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