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Bacamarte live at Circo Voador
Background information
Origin Brazil
Genres Progressive rock, symphonic rock
Years active 1974–1984
Labels Rarity Records
Past members Mario Neto
Sergio Villarim
Delto Simas
Marco Verrissimo
Márcus Moura
Mr. Paul
Jane Duboc

Bacamarte was a Brazilian symphonic/progressive rock band originally formed in 1974 by three school friends, although, because of their ages, they soon disbanded. In 1977 Neto reformed Bacamarte with a new set of musicians and it was this line-up that in 1978 recorded Bacamarte's opus Depois do Fim. Neto was wary of the then popular disco scene and decided that he would withhold the tape and release it at a more suitable time. After being persuaded by a friend in 1982 he submitted the tape to a local radio station;[1] the album itself was then released in early 1983. A second album was released in 1999 from material recorded in the 1980s; this album, Sete Cidades (Seven Cities) is largely considered a Mario Neto solo work and features only Neto and keyboardist Robério Molinari.


  • Vinícius de Oliveira – bass
  • Nelson Paiva – drums
  • Hugo Lacerda – vocals
  • Jane Duboc – vocals.
  • Márcus Moura – flute, accordion.
  • Mario Neto – electric and acoustic guitars, piano, keyboards, bass, drums, percussion, vocals.
  • Mr. Paul – percussion.
  • Delto Simas – bass.
  • Marco Verissimo – drums.
  • Sergio Villarim – keyboards.


  • Depois Do Fim (1983)
  • Sete Cidades (1999)

All-Time Ranking[edit]

Depois Do Fim is ranked number 40 on the Prog Archives Top Studio Albums of All-Time.[2]


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