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FounderThomas Bache-Gabrielsen
Key people
Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen

Bache-Gabrielsen is a brand of cognac that is over 110 years old. It is a medium size fourth generation family company that is present both on the Scandinavian markets and elsewhere.[1] Today, it is the top selling cognac in Norway, selling over one million bottles annually.[1]

Bache-Gabrielsen’s cognacs are popular in Norway and has a large and active fan club.[2]


In 1903, the 20 year old Norwegian Lieutenant from Holmestrand, Norway, Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen, left the army and traveled to the city of Cognac in order to acquire some practical working experience to take over one day his father's fine wine & spirit store.[3]

Following his arrival in France, Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen partnered with Peter Anton Rustad to purchase the company Dupuy, a local cognac house established since 1852. In 1905, they founded their own cognac house under the name Rustad & Bache-Gabrielsen, in addition to the existing name Dupuy. Their connections with Scandinavia were extremely good which allowed them to acquire there their first stable markets.[3]

Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen

In 1906, Thomas settled in Cognac for good when he married Miss Odette Villard. With their marriage and the new business, any plans to return permanently to Norway were abandoned. The couple had three sons, René, who took over the running of the company, Eric, who became a lawyer, and Guy, who became a doctor. Thomas remained a Norwegian citizen and was often called home to undertake refresher military service. He also maintained contact with his Norwegian family.[3]

Part of the Bache-Gabrielsen family. From left to right: Hervé, François, Sylvie, Christian

In 1930, René, the eldest son of Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen and his wife Odette joined the company. He became the head of Bache-Gabrielsen cognac in 1942. In 1968, Christian Bache-Gabrielsen, grandson of Thomas entered the business and became general manager in 1985.[3]

While growing in size, the company Bache-Gabrielsen also developed its own identity during this period by hiring in 1991 Jean-Philippe Bergier as Maitre de Chai (Cellar Master). Jean-Philippe Bergier has since expressed his art as the “Nez” of Bache-Gabrielsen and given an authentic and singular identity to Bache-Gabrielsen cognacs.[3]

In 2009, Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen, 4th generation of the family officially became the general manager of the company. This period also marks the beginning of a new era of expansion for the brand outside of its traditional Scandinavian market. In 2012, Bache-Gabrielsen opened an office in Hong Kong to develop its Asian activities.[4] In 2016, it launched its Natur & Eleganse line on the American market.[5]

The brand Dupuy is still owned by the Bache-Gabrielsen family.[6]

International Presence[edit]

In 2012, Bache-Gabrielsen Cognac opened an office in Hong Kong to increase its Asian presence.[4]

In 2016, Bache-Gabrielsen Cognac has officially launched its products in the United States with the line Natur & Eleganse.[5]

In 2017, Bache-Gabrielsen Cognac has launched [1]AMERICAN OAK cognac. this is the first cognac aged in American Oak Barrels. 2017 is the one of the most important date for Bache-Gabrielsen Cognac, The Range "DistillationS" was born and open the mind of the company on others spirits.

Product Line[edit]

Bache-Gabrielsen Cognac lines are divided between classical, Natur & Eleganse line and the range "DistillationS" :[7]

Classical Line:

Natur & Eleganse Line: the goal of this line is to return to the roots of cognac before the expansion of modern cognac in the late 19th century. The taste should allow the consumer to discover the authentic cognac, respectful of the terroir and nature.[8]


  • Whisky American OAK

Other products:

  • Bølgen & Bergier: A line of three cognac put together by Toralf Bølgen, one of Norway’s top wine and spirit connoisseurs, and Jean-Philippe Bergier, Bache-Gabrielsen’s Cellar Master, and named after their daughters. Anna, Maria and Selma are Toralf Bølgen’s daughters, while their friend Solène is the daughter of Jean-Philippe Bergier.
  • Pure & Rustic: A line of four cognac created in 2016. Each cognac has a specific aroma and taste: Secret Garden (floral), Fruity Harvest (fruity), Golden Wood (wood), Spicy Trip (spices). This new line specifically targets the French Market.
  • Très Vieux Pineau des Charentes: Pineau des Charentes is a blend of fresh grape juice rich in sugar, and very young cognac with high alcohol level, made on the very day of the harvest. Bache-Gabrielsen’s Pineau des Charentes has been aged more than 15 years in oak barrels.


Bache-Gabrielsen Cognac has won multiple awards around the world; a non-exhaustive list includes:

  • Tre Kors VS: Silver Medal at New York International Spirits Competition USA, 2017
  • Tre Kors VS: Gold Medal at World Cognac Awards UK, 2015[1]
  • AMERICAN OAK Cognac BEST COGNAC at Spirits Innovation Awards / Cocktails Spirits France, 2017
  • AMERICAN OAK Cognac Gold Medal at New York International Spirits Competition USA, 2017
  • AMERICAN OAK Cognac Silver Medal at San Francisco World Spirits Competition USA, 2017
  • AMERICAN OAK Cognac Very good, strong recommendation - 87 pts at Ultimate Spirits Challenge USA, 2017
  • AMERICAN OAK Cognac Silver Medal at Cognac Masters Drinks Business London, 2017
  • VSOP: Gold - Best in Class at International Spirit Challenge UK, 2015[3]
  • VSOP: Double Gold Medal at San Francisco World Spirit Competition USA, 2010[4]
  • XO Fine Champagne: Silver Medal at International Wine & Spirit Competition UK, 2017[4]
  • XO Fine Champagne: Gold - Best in Class at International Wine & Spirit Competition UK, 2011[5]
  • XO Carafe: FINALIST - 95 points at Ultimate Spirits Challenge USA, 2017
  • XO Carafe: Gold Medal at Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition China, 2015[6]
  • XO Carafe: Master Award at Cognac Masters Drinks Business UK, 2015[7]
  • Sérénité Extra: Excellent, Higly Recommended - 93 pts at Ultimate Spirits Challenge USA, 2017
  • Sérénité Extra: Double Gold Medal - Best in Class at San Francisco World Spirit Competition USA, 2016[8]
  • Hors d’Age: Silver Medal at International Wine & Spirit Competition UK, 2017
  • Hors d’Age: Gold – Best Superior Quality Cognac at World Cognac Awards UK, 2015[9]
  • Hors d’Age: Gold Outstanding Medal at International Wine & Spirit Competition UK, 2014[10]

Fan Clubs[edit]

Bache-Gabrielsen has numerous fan clubs essentially in Northern Europe:[2]

Norway Sweden
  • Bergen
  • Fredrikstad
  • Holmestrand
  • Kongsvinger
  • Kristiansand
  • Kristiansund
  • Lillehammer
  • Molde
  • Narvik
  • Oslo
  • Vest-Telemark
  • Ålesund
  • Stockholm
  • Malmø – ÖlandLund


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