Bachelor of Science in Paramedicine

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The Bachelor of Science Degree in Paramedicine is a four-year academic degree in the science and principles of paramedicine, granted by a tertiary education university or similarly accredited school. Though one is eligible to sit for the US National Registry examination, administered by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT), to become a Registered Paramedic after graduating from either a two-year program with an associate degree (A.A.S.; ADP) or from a highly concentrated certificate program, the BSP degree prepares Paramedics for roles as EMS leaders, system directors, and community/industrial health and safety positions. Paramedics with a BSP are recognized to excel as teachers, researchers, and clinicians. While the BSP alone serves to well prepare the healthcare provider, it also serves as a phenomenal base for further medical training such as Medical School (MD,DO) or Physician Assistant (PA) programs.

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