Back from the Grave, Volume 2 (CD)

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Back from the Grave, Volume 2 (CD)
Back from the Grave, Volume 2 (actual CD).JPEG.jpg
Compilation album
ReleasedAugust 23, 1996
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Back from the Grave, Volume 2 (CD)
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Back from the Grave, Volume 2 (CD), is the second installment in the Back from the Grave compact disc-exclusive series of garage rock compilations assembled by Tim Warren of Crypt Records. It was released on August 23, 1996.[1][2] Its track listing differs from that of the LP version, which is part of the Back From the Grave LP-edition series, also on Crypt. In keeping with all of the entries in the series, and as indicated in the subheading which reads "Raw 'n' Crude Mid-60s Garage Punk!," this collection consists of many songs which display the rawer and more aggressive side of the genre and are often characterized by the use of fuzztone-distorted guitars and rough vocals.[1][2][3] Accordingly, the set generally excludes psychedelic, folk rock, and pop-influenced material in favor of basic primitive rock and roll.[3] The packaging features a booklet containing well-researched liner notes written by Tim Warren which conveys basic information about each song and group, such as origin, recording date, and biographical sketches, usually written in a conversational style that includes occasional slang, anecdotes, humorous asides.[4][3] The liner notes are noticeably opinionated, sometimes engaging in tongue-in-cheek insults directed at other genres of music. The booklet also includes photographs of the bands, and the front cover features a highly satirical cartoon by Mort Todd depicting revivified "rock and roll" zombies who have just emerged from the grave to "burn on a skewer" all adherents of supposedly heretical pop and progressive music which have come to prominence over the years, such as disco.[3]

The set begins with the pounding Bo Diddley rhythms and scintillating guitar parts of "Don't Cry to Me," by Jerry & the Others, from Dayton, Ohio.[3] Murphy & the Mob from Tyler, Texas sing the highly despondent "Born Loser," which was released on Talisman Records in 1966.[3] The Montells, from Miami, who had previously recorded as H.M. Subjects (Her Majesty's Subjects) perform "You Can't Make Me."[3] The Tamrons from Concord, North Carolina play "Wild Man," which begins with a guitar riff suggestive of The Twilight Zone theme.[3] "Dinah Wants Religion" is by the Fabs, from Fullerton, California, who are sometimes mistaken for being a Texas band. "Little Boy Blue" is by Tonto and the Renegades from Ocean Port, New Jersey.[3] The Sloths' version of "Makin' Love" is included in the set.[3] They were from Los Angeles, and the song was later recorded by the Dirty Shames.[3] Also included is "What in the World," by the Vectors, from Western Illinois, and "Warning" by the Humans, from Albion, New York.[3] Detroit's the Kegg's perform what Tim Warren refers to as their "tortured" anthem, "To Find Out."[3] The set ends with "Baby Get Lost," by the Barracudas.[3]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Jerry & The Others: "Don't Cry to Me" 2:56
  2. The Fugitives: "You Can't Blame That on Me" 2:42
  3. Willie the Wild One: "Willie the Wild One" 2:11
  4. Murphy & The Mob: "Born Loser" 2:28
  5. The Mods: "You've Got Another Think Comin'" 2:31
  6. Sir Winston and the Commons: "We're Gonna Love" 2:38
  7. The Royal Flairs: "Suicide" 1:59
  8. The Montells: "You Can't Make Me" 2:14
  9. The Tamrons: "Wild-Man" 3:11
  10. Cyclones: "She's No Good" 2:19
  11. The Fabs: "Dinah Wants Religion" 2:41
  12. Red Beard & the Pirates: "Go on Leave" 2:28
  13. The Hallmarks: "I Know Why" 2:41
  14. Rocky & The Riddlers: "Flash and Crash" 2:44
  15. Tonto and the Renegades: "Little Boy Blue" 2:26
  16. The Botumless Pit/The Suedes: "13 Stories High" 2:42
  17. The Aztex: "I Said Move" 2:08
  18. The Sloths: "Makin' Love" 2:03
  19. The Wyld: "Fly by Nighter" 2:01
  20. The Vectors: "What in the World" 2:19
  21. The Huns: "Shakedown" 2:14
  22. The Humans: "Warning" 2:27
  23. The Warlords: "Real Fine Lady" 2:12
  24. The Vestells "Won't You Tell Me" 2:41
  25. The Illusions: "City of People" 2:29
  26. The Jaguars: It's Gonna Be Alright 2:17
  27. The Few: "Escape" (John Clifford White) 2:39
  28. The Keggs: "To Find Out" 2:18
  29. The Nomads: "Be Nice" 2:39
  30. The Barracudas: "Baby Get Lost" 1:47[2]

Catalogue and release information[edit]

  • Compact disc (CRYPT CD-0345, rel. 1996)


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