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Badbunny, also known as SB/BadBunny-A (Sophos) and StarOffice/BadBunny (McAfee), is a multi-platform computer worm written in several scripting languages and distributed as an document containing a macro written in StarBasic.

Discovered on May 21, 2007, the worm spreads itself by dropping malicious script files that affect the behavior of popular IRC programs mIRC and X-Chat, causing it to send the worm to other users.[1]


If the macro is opened from the affected document, it displays the following message: "Title: ///BadBunny\\\" Body: "Hey '[USERNAME]' you like my BadBunny?" and loads one of four different scripts named badbunny.js (JS.Badbunny) under Windows, (Perl.Badbunny) under Linux/Unix, or either badbunny.rb or badbunnya.rb (Ruby.Badbunny) under MacOSX.[2] Upon loading, the user is shown a pornographic image of a man dressed as a rabbit making out with a scantily clad woman in the woods.[3]