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Baffle or baffles may refer to:

  • Baffle (liquid mixing), auxiliary devices employed in tank which suppress the effects of slosh dynamics
  • Baffle (heat transfer), a flow-directing or obstructing vane or panel used in some industrial process vessels (tanks)
  • Baffle (medicine), a tunnel or wall surgically constructed within the heart or primary blood vessels to redirect blood flow
  • Baffles (submarine), the blind spot in a submarine's sonar created by the body of the submarine
  • Baffle or All-Star Baffle, a 1973–74 revival of PDQ (game show), where contestants had to guess phrases from a short combination of letters
  • Baffle gate, another name for turnstile
  • Baffle (camera), shroud protecting the optics of an imaging system from being disturbed from stray light.
  • Sound baffle, any object designed to reduce airborne sound
    • Components in a loudspeaker enclosure used to negate the out-of-phase sound waves from the rear of the loudspeaker
    • Components in a suppressor used to redirect the gas from a gunshot to minimise sound and light

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