Bagatela Theatre

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Bagatela Theatre
POL Kraków - teatr Bagatela.jpg
Bagatela Theatre
Address 6 Karmelicka Street
Kraków, Poland
Coordinates 50°03′49″N 19°55′56″E / 50.063658°N 19.932289°E / 50.063658; 19.932289
Opened 1918

The Bagatela Theatre in Kraków is situated at the junction of Karmelicka Street and Krupniczej Street. The theatre's intimate "new stage" is located on Sarego Józefa Street.


The theatre's history dates back to 1918, when Marian Dąbrowski, publisher and editor of Kraków's "Ilustrowany Kurier Codzienny" (English: Illustrated Daily Courier, commonly known as IKC, also Ikac) initiated the creation of the stage. The building was designed by architect Janusz Zarzecki during 1918 - 1919, and its interior was designed by painter and decorator Henry Uziembło.[1] A fire that broke out the night of 6/7 April 1928 completely destroyed the interior. In 1926, due to financial difficulties, the theatre was reclassified as a cinema. In 1938, the building was modernized and renamed "Scala". It became the most elegant cinema in Kraków.[1] Housed here during 1946 - 1948 was an intimate theatre. Since 1949 it has been home to the Państwowy Teatr Młodego Widza (English: State Theatre of the Young Viewer).[2] The Rozmaitości Theatre was established here in 1957. The theatre returned to being called Bagatela in 1970, and was dedicated to the memory of Tadeusz Boy-Żeleński in 1972.[3] The writer and doctor lived in a flat in the area for many years.[4]

Roman Polanski made his debut here as a young man.[5] The theatre was originally designed for children but nowadays shows musicals, comedies and other light entertainments suitable for families. [6]



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