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Coordinates: 33°20′59″N 44°22′58″E / 33.3497143°N 44.382707°E / 33.3497143; 44.382707

Baghdad College of Pharmacy
Type Private
Established 2000
Dean Abdulmutalib Abdulgani Nasir
Location Baghdad, Baghdad Governorate, Iraq

Baghdad College of Pharmacy is a private Iraqi university was established by the Iraqi Pharmacists Syndicate in accordance to the law & regulations of Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research (MOHE) governing the establishment and administration of private universities and colleges.[1] The college is specified that it is a special scientific establishment with a general benefit, and it has its financial and administrative independence and it enjoys all the rights and specifications that are listed in the law. The license to establish the college was granted on 14 September 2000 .


The college is containing three scientific departments ( Pharmaceutics, Therapeutics and Clinical Pharmacy, Chemistry and Pharmacognosy )


  • The College is a non-profitable scientific organization directly supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research (MOHE).
  • The College is dedicated to graduate pharmacy students who are well trained and educated in all pharmaceutical fields. The focus of teaching and training is on clinical and industrial pharmacy as well as community pharmacy.
  • The period of study at the College is 5 years. The graduates are granted B.Sc. in Pharmacy.
  • The College inaugurated its first graduate group of 71 graduates in the academic year 2004-2005.
  • The College’s future plan is to start postgraduate studies. Moreover, the college is concentrating on continuous training and education of post-career pharmacists. Short courses in specialized topics are regularly offered for practicing pharmacists.
  • The College has 3 scientific departments, Dept. of Pharmaceutics, Dept. of Therapeutics & Clinical Pharmacy and Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Pharmacognosy.
  • The College maintains a 30 well reputed permanent academic staff with PhD & MSc. degrees in various pharmaceutical disciplines. In addition visiting professors & instructors from public pharmacy and medical colleges are contributing to the academic activities in the College.
  • The Dean and his two deputies are supported by a professional staff in administration and finance. Supporting staff are well maintained.
  • The College accommodates 9 well equipped teaching theaters and 13 modern well equipped teaching laboratories, one of them for research.
  • A library & an Internet Unit are put at the services of students and staff.
  • The college follows the seasonal semester system where the academic year is made up of 2 independent semester courses. This system is accredited by the MOHE for all pharmacy colleges in Iraq.
  • The college future plan to be a medical university with a teaching hospital and a facility for quality control of the produce of Iraqi pharmaceuticals and testing the coming medicine and their active ingredients .by establishing a well equipped quality control labs with all 5 departments and prepared itself or post graduate study .
  • The college plan to start continuous education in pharmacy science to graduate pharmacist in all field of their profession.
  • The college was graduate six groups under graduate pharmacist working in the government pharmaceutical department and in community pharmacy.

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