Bahama Buck's

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Bahama Buck's
Industry Restaurants
Founded 1990
Headquarters Lubbock, Texas
Key people
Blake Buchanan (Founder, President, and brand owner)
Products Shaved Ice

Bahama Buck's is a privately held franchise specializing in shaved ice and other frozen non-alcoholic beverages. The company is headquartered in Lubbock, Texas.


As a means of finding an income which didn't involve "mowing grass or flipping burgers", Blake Buchanan started selling snowcones in 1990 while attending Texas Tech University. With the help of his now-wife Kippi, father Tom (now Senior VP), and friend Eric Lee (now Bahama Buck's CFO), he opened his first franchise in Lubbock.[1]

As of March 2017, Bahama Buck's operates 100 stores (located in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Puerto Rico) with over 100 additional stores in the works. Except for stores operated by Buchanan all stores are franchised.


In addition to snowcones with over 93 original flavors offered (in a tribute to Texas Tech one flavor is called "Red Raider"), Bahama Buck's also offers smoothies, fruit cups, coffee, and specialty colas called "Bahama Sodas". Bahama Buck's also sells various Bahama Buck's-themed clothing.

Buchanan is a Christian and had formerly used a similar model as of the one used by Chick-Fil-A, meaning that all Bahama Buck's stores were closed on Sundays. Buchanan believed that one day away from work leads to happier employees, "and happier employees equal better snow".[2] However, as of February 2008, most Bahama Buck's franchisees choose to open on Sunday.


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