Baheb Nuoa Kalamak

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"Baheb Nuoa Kalamak"
Single by Amal Hijazi
from the album Baya al Ward
Released Early 2007
Recorded Rotana
Genre Arabic Pop (feast-beat music style)
Length 3:22
Label Rotana
Writer(s) Ahmed Darwish

"Baheb Nuoa Kalamak" ("I love what you say") is an Arabic pop-song written by Ahmed Darwesh and chosen for Amal Hijazi's album, Baya al Ward. This fast-beat song was released in the early 2007. The music video was directed by Mirna Khayat. It was chosen over Yahia Sa’adeh.

Track Information[edit]

This song portrays Hijazi as a young aristocratic girl, dressed in a black gown, standing besides an elderly man. The music begins when she sees her lover's face besides a huge mirror nearby. She gets into a car with her father and the music stops in for an interval. While in the car, as Hijazi thinks of her love, we hear her earlier song "Baya al Ward", a sad love-ballad.

Hijazi begins to sing in the car, while in flash-shots we see her lover painting a portrait dedicated to her.

After the car shot, Hijazi is seen sitting with her father with some relatives who are busy chattering. As it is seen, Hijazi expresses that she is extremely bored with them. She tales excuse and goes out of the restaurant to her lover. The two of them break into a run and he shows Hijazi her portrait.

Afterwards, the two of them dance and skip around and at the end of the song as it is revealed, she leaves her father and goes to her lover.

Chart performance[edit]

Baheb Nuoa Kalamak topped charts throughout the Arab World. It ranked #5 on the Pepsi Top Ten and has been voted as one of the most popular videos currently aired on Rotana.


  • There are quite a few alternatives spellings for the title of the song such as, Bahibbi Nou Kalamak etc...