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Bailey Junior Kurariki (born May 15, 1989) was convicted of the manslaughter of pizza delivery man Michael Choy in Papakura, New Zealand in September 2001. He was 12 years and 252 days old the day Choy was killed, making him the youngest person convicted of killing in New Zealand history.[1]

Charges in the killing of Michael Choy[2][3][4]
Person Age (years) Charge
Bailey Junior Kurariki 12 manslaughter
Alexander Tokorua Peihopa 16 murder[5]
Ricky Rapira 16 manslaughter and aggravated robbery
Joe Edwin Kaukasi 15 manslaughter and aggravated robbery
Whatarangi Rawiri 17 murder and aggravated robbery[6]
Phillip Kaukasi 17 attempted aggravated robbery[7]
Casie Rawiri 21 theft and attempted aggravated robbery
name suppressed 16 attempted aggravated robbery (acquitted)

At the time of Choy's death Kurariki was in the custody of Child, Youth and Family rather than his mother Lorraine West[8] but had absconded, he had been in trouble since the age of five and had not been to school for more than a year.[9]

In the days following the death of Choy, Kurariki was interviewed by police and reportedly confessed to the killings. However, police did not follow the correct procedures in conducting an interview with an alleged offender under 17, making the results of the interview inadmissible.[10]

Choy's stepfather Ken Croskery became active in the Sensible Sentencing Trust, a lobby group campaigning for longer sentences. After his death, 10 years later, his family claim he died of a broken heart.[11]

He reportedly was "born-again" while in prison,[12] and was released on parole on May 5, 2008[13] but has been in trouble with the courts since and has connections to the Killer Beez gang.[14][15][16] There has also been contention about the nature of evidence needed to recall him to jail for breaching parole[17]

In 2011 Kurariki was convicted for assault and domestic violence charges and sentenced to 14 months in prison,[18] during one hearing he declared himself to be "just an innocent black man".[19][20]


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