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Baitada or Baitadeli also Soradi is referred to the people of Baitadi district, of Nepal and also one of the dialect of Kumauni language spoken in the Baitadi District of Nepal or similar language spoken in other area like Darchula, Bhajhang, Dadeldhura, kanchanpur and kailali Districts of Nepal. Large number of population originally from Baitadi living in the adjoining area of Pithoragarh District of uttarakhand like Dharchula, Baluwakot, Askot, jauljibi, Dauda, Sunkholi, jhulaghat, Pipali etc. also speaks the same dialects which G.A.Grierson has mentioned as the dialects of kumauni language. Current census (2011) has revealed that in Nepal 2,72,524 numbers of people speak Baitadeli (Baitada) dilect.