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ばかうけ (bakauke)
Bakauke (Kuriyama Beika).jpg
TypeRice cracker
Place of originJapan
Region or stateNiigata Prefecture
Created byKuriyama Beika
Main ingredientsRice flour

Bakauke (ばかうけ) is a Japanese snack food. It is a thin banana-shaped senbei with various flavours added. It is manufactured by Kuriyama Beika (栗山米菓) of Niigata Prefecture.

The word bakauke in the Niigata dialect of Japanese colloquially means "extremely well received".[1] The characters who appear on the packets are Borin and Barin, who are boyfriend and girlfriend.


  1. ^ "ばかうけって何?". 栗山米菓の本社があります"新潟県"の方言で、「ばか」=「すごい」という意味合いで使われているんだよ!

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