Baker's Bay

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Baker's Bay is a 3 mile long bay on the island of Great Guana Cay. A clear and aqua sea grass bed in the Sea of Abaco, it was a favorite destination of Abaco Islands boaters for years.

Baker's Bay is home to foraging and nesting sea turtles of up to five species. It is also home to a wide variety of sharks and large fish. Baker's Bay is created by two mangrove rivers from the island, which are important estuaries for the island's coral reef.

Dredging for a Disney Cruise Line Destination, a Premier Cruiselines cruise, caused considerable environmental damage to the corals in the area,[1] as corals are unable to withstand continuous silting.

Golf club controversy[edit]

Baker's Bay and Gumelemi Cay are the location of the Baker's Bay Golf & Ocean Club, as well as the controversy surrounding it. In 2004, the Discovery Land Company began the megadevelopment project, which is largely believed by conservation groups to have destroyed the area.[2] Three independent scientists believe the coral reef will be destroyed by the construction of a golf course, marina and development structures.


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