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Bakhshapur (Urdu: بخشا پور‎) is a big town of district Kashmore, Sindh, Pakistan. The name Bakhshapur is kept after the late Nawab Bakhsha Khan Dombki the father of Nawab Shah Ali Khan and grand father of Nawab Khan Saheb Ali Bilawal Khan Dombki The Big Village Near town is Nawab Jan Muhammad Khan,He was a big Land lord. . It is a feudal territory basically owned by the Dombki tribe. Other major villages around Bakhshapur such as village Khan Saheb Ali Bilawal Khan ,village Punhal Khan Domki,village Khalid Khan, Haleem shahar (Haleem jo goth), Kawraee, various villages of Shahi paar, Gundair are also owned by the Dombki family legacy of Nawab Bakhsha Khan. The Giloie clan of the Dombki tribe is in control of Bakhshapur and its surrounding villages as late Nawab Bakhsha Khan Dombki was the chief of the whole Giloie clan which included other sub clans such as Kamalani, Jamalani, Fazalwani, Phulwani, Bedani, Wazeerani and Narukhani etc. The family of Nawab Bakhsha Khan Dombki who are Narukhani of Giloie clan of the Dombki tribe now itself has become a huge tribe. Its geographical coordinates are 28° 22' 35" North, 69° 21' 50" East.

Dombki's are the majority in Bakhshapur and its surrounding major villages. Other baloch and non baloch tribes also prevail there plus a great number of Hindu population lives in the main town of Bakhshapur. The Hindu population is basically business oriented and have been living here through ancestral times. Other Major tribes include THAHEEM, Channa, Taanwari, Chijan, Soomro, Dahar, Chachar, Khaalti, Kumbhaar etc.

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Coordinates: 28°22′35″N 69°21′50″E / 28.37639°N 69.36389°E / 28.37639; 69.36389