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Baloz or bajloz is a sea monster in Albanian mythology.


Maximilian Lambertz suggested that the word derived from Italian bailo, the title of the Venetian ambassador to the Ottomans.[1]

Literally, the word seems to have originated from the Turkish word "balyoz" meaning "hammer", probably due to the hammers of war the baloz carried.[citation needed]


Baloz (as a character) has been found in many Albanian myths and legends about fighting against the Albanian nobles such as: Muji, Halili, Gjergj Elez Alia and Constantin. The monster is found in the Albanian Songs of the Frontier Warriors.[1]

Detailed descriptions have been found in a collection of Albanian myths named Ancient Albanian Tales (Albanian: Tregime të Moçme Shqiptare)[2] collected and rewritten by Dhimitër Pasko.

Baloz Sedelija was a Slavic warrior in Albanian folklore.[1] Another character was Baloz(i) i Zi.


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