Baluchi horse

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Baluchi horse
Country of originPakistan
Distinguishing featuresLong neck, strong but fine legs, curved ears

The Baluchi horse is a breed of horse native to the Baluchistan, Sindh and Punjab Provinces in Pakistan. They are best recognized by their turned in ears, which resemble those of the Kathiawari horse of India.[1]


The Baluchi horse is usually bay, chestnut, or gray. They are light in build and generally have a fine head, long neck, strong but fine legs and ears that curve in so the tips of the ears touch. The Baluchi somewhat resembles the Indian Kathiawari breed. They are also thought to be related to the Barb through the Malian breed known as the Beledougou or Banamba.[1] Their average height is 14 hands. Due to diluted bloodlines, horses of pure Baluchi lineage are extremely rare today.[citation needed]


They are used for riding, light draft work, and pulling tangas.[2]


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