Ban Na District

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Ban Na

District location in Nakhon Nayok Province
District location in Nakhon Nayok Province
Coordinates: 14°16′0″N 101°3′41″E / 14.26667°N 101.06139°E / 14.26667; 101.06139Coordinates: 14°16′0″N 101°3′41″E / 14.26667°N 101.06139°E / 14.26667; 101.06139
ProvinceNakhon Nayok
 • Total388.4 km2 (150.0 sq mi)
 • Total67,268
 • Density173.2/km2 (449/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)
Postal code26110

Ban Na (Thai: บ้านนา, pronounced [bâːn nāː]) is a district (amphoe) in the western part of Nakhon Nayok Province, central Thailand.


In the Ayutthaya era, the people of Tambon Pa Kha were elephant catchers (กองโพนช้าง), catching wild elephants to use as war elephants.

Ban Na District was established in 1903, then named Tha Chang District. As the original district office in Tambon Bang O was inconvenient for transportation and prone for flooding, the government moved the office to Suwannason Road in 1965.

When Nakhon Nayok Province was downgraded, the government transferred Ban Na District to Saraburi Province. It became a district of Nakhon Nayok again on 9 May 1946 when the province was re-established.


Neighboring districts are (from the east clockwise) Mueang Nakhon Nayok and Ongkharak of Nakhon Nayok Province; Nong Suea of Pathum Thani Province; and Wihan Daeng and Kaeng Khoi of Saraburi Province.

The important water resource is Khlong Ban Na.


The district is divided into 10 sub-districts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 117 villages (muban). Ban Na is a sub-district municipality (thesaban tambon) which covers parts of the tambon Ban Na and Phikun Ok. There are a further 10 tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

No. Name Thai Villages Pop.
1. Ban Na บ้านนา 12 8,364
2. Ban Phrao บ้านพร้าว 12 5,056
3. Ban Phrik บ้านพริก 12 10,496
4. Asa อาษา 8 2,368
5. Thonglang ทองหลาง 8 5,185
6. Bang O บางอ้อ 14 4,258
7. Phikun Ok พิกุลออก 12 5,618
8. Pa Kha ป่าขะ 13 8,466
9. Khao Phoem เขาเพิ่ม 16 8,126
10. Si Ka-ang ศรีกะอาง 10 9,331


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