Banana Man

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Banana Man may refer to:

Comic books, TV and other media[edit]

  • Bananaman, a British comic book and cartoon character
  • Banana Man, a comic series created in 2000 and published by Crack Comics




  • Sam Zemurray (nicknamed "Sam the Banana Man"), a U.S. businessman who made his fortune in the banana trade
  • Ray Comfort, Christian evangelist and prominent creationist, derisively nicknamed "Banana Man" after his argument that the banana disproves evolution gained notoriety


  • "Hombre Banano" (Banana Man), the nickname of a wall mural painted by Blu
  • The Dancing Banana emoticon, an Internet phenomenon also known as "Banana Man"
  • In mathematics, the category of Banach analytic manifolds is sometimes denoted by BanAnaMan