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Banco Chambers
Formation 2004
Type Barrister's Chambers
Head of Chambers
Robert Newlinds SC

Banco Chambers is a chamber of barristers in Sydney, Australia, specialising in commercial litigation and public law. The chambers is located on the 5th floor of the Reserve Bank Building (65 Martin Place, Sydney) and the 9th floor of Chifley Tower (2 Chifley Square, Sydney).

The Head of Chambers is Robert Newlinds SC, who replaced Justin Gleeson SC upon his appointment as Solicitor-General of Australia in February 2013.[1]


The floor has 30 members of varying levels of seniority.[2] The members of the floor who are senior counsel are: Tom Blackburn SC, Peter Brereton SC, Andrew Coleman SC, Robert Dick SC, Richard McHugh SC, Cameron Moore SC and Robert Newlinds SC.[2]

Many of the floor's junior barristers have extensive experience practising litigation in Australia and overseas prior to joining the bar.[2]


Banco Chambers has two floors.[3] One is in the Reserve Bank Building on Martin Place.[3] The other is in Chifley Tower on Chifley Square.[3]

Practice area[edit]

Although Banco Chambers has core practice areas, its barristers area able to practise in any area of civil law.[4]


Members of Banco Chambers have appeared in High Court cases on a number of areas of the law, including:[citation needed]

  • Levy v Victoria ("Duck shooting case") and Lange v Australian Broadcasting Corporation (implied freedom of speech);
  • CSR Ltd v Cigna Insurance Australia Ltd (forum non conveniens in private international law);
  • Sons of Gwalia Ltd v Margaretic (shareholders' claim against companies in a winding up);
  • Friend v Brooker (equitable contribution);
  • Roxborough v Rothmans of Pall Mall Australia Ltd (restitution);
  • Ha v New South Wales (duties of excise);
  • Arnold v Minister Administering the Water Management Act 2000 (constitutional validity of water management legislation);
  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation v O'Neill (interlocutory injunctions); and,
  • John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd v Rivkin (defamation).

Numerous members of the floor have appeared in the Chambers and Partners Guide to the World's Leading Lawyers[5] and on the "Best Lawyers in Australia" list.[citation needed]

Many members of the floor, along with other senior members of the profession including current and past judges, have contributed to a forthcoming two volume series examining legal history entitled Historical Foundations of Australian Law and have given lectures upon their topics in a course to be conducted at the University of Sydney.[citation needed]

In 2008, Justin Gleeson SC and Ruth Higgins edited the book Rediscovering Rhetoric, which was launched by the then Chief Justice of New South Wales, Chief Justice Spigelman.[6]


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