Band of Sisters (book)

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Band of Sisters: American Women at War in Iraq
Band of Sisters Book Cover.jpg
Author Kirsten Holmstedt
Country United States
Language English
Subject Iraq War, Women
Genre Nonfiction, Military History
Publisher Stackpole Books
Publication date
July 2007
Pages 384
ISBN 978-0-8117-0267-6

Band of Sisters: American Women at War in Iraq is a 2007 book by Kirsten Holmstedt about the Iraq War and women in the military with a foreword by Tammy Duckworth. Band of Sisters presents twelve stories of American women on the frontlines including America's first female pilot to be shot down and survive, the U.S. military's first black female combat pilot, a 21-year-old turret gunner defending a convoy, two military policewomen in a firefight, and a nurse struggling to save lives.[1][2]

Holmstedt asserts that women need greater protection from hazing and abuse by fellow soldiers, but that they are as strong as men and should be given full combat roles. [3]


Kirsten Holmstedt reads from The Girls Come Marching Home, at a NAVAIR Women’s History Month event in 2016

Kirsten Holmstedt is a journalist who writes about the military.[4][5] She has published two other books:

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