Banda Bassotti

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Banda Bassotti
Banda Bassotti, 1. May 2008 Kreuzberg 2.jpg
Banda Bassotti performing live in 2008
Background information
Origin Rome, Italy
Genres Ska-punk, reggae, punk, ska
Years active 1987–1996, 2001–present
Labels Gridalo Forte
Associated acts Kaki Arkarazo
Negu Gorriak
Website Banda Bassotti at Facebook

Banda Bassotti is an Italian ska-punk band formed in 1987 in Rome. Their songs are generally political in nature, focusing on Communist and anti-Fascist issues. Many are about Ireland and Latin America, as well. The band was inspired by The Clash and The Specials. The band was very politically active from the very beginning, attending protests and sympathizing with anti-Fascist movements in Italy. Their name derives from the Italian version of the Disney characters The Beagle Boys.


Banda Bassotti released their first album Figli della stessa rabbia in 1991, which gained them a success amongst the local political and punk circles. In 1995 they released their second album Avanzo di cantiere recorded in the Basque Country with Kaki Arkarazo and Negu Gorriak. With this lineup the band toured Spain during the same year.

The band split up in 1996 only to be reunited in 2001 for a benefit concert. The reunited band introduced trombone and trumpet sections to their previously strictly guitar based punk lineup. The concert was released later the same year on the live album Un altro giorno d’amore.In March 2002 they released “L’altra faccia dell’Impero” after 7 years from their last studio-album.

For the promotional tour for this album they played hundred of concerts in Spain, Italy and in Japan where they concluded the Fuji Rock Festival with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Shocked and disappointed at the direction politics were taking in the following years all over the world with the rise of such politicians as George W. Bush and Silvio Berlusconi they decided to record Asi es mi vida, an album with popular political songs from all over the world. In 2004 they released the album Amore e odio and toured Germany for the first time.[1]

In September 2014 the band's tour is called 'No Pasaran' and takes in Rome, Moscow, Rostov and the Donbass region of Ukraine.



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