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Bandar Beyla
بندر بيلا
Bayla is located in Somalia
Location in Somalia.
Coordinates: 9°29′00″N 50°49′00″E / 9.48333°N 50.81667°E / 9.48333; 50.81667Coordinates: 9°29′00″N 50°49′00″E / 9.48333°N 50.81667°E / 9.48333; 50.81667
Country Somalia
Regional State Puntland
 • Total16,700
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

Bayla (Somali: Bandar Beyla, Arabic: بندر بيلا‎), is a coastal town along the Guardafui Channel in the northeastern Bari region of Somalia. It is the capital of the Bayla District..


Bayla is located at the headland of Ras Ma'bar (or Cape Ma'bar). It historically served as an important landmark for sailors voyaging between the Arabian Peninsula and Horn of Africa.[1]

A coastal community, Bayle is noted for its various beden, or ancient design sewn boats constructed without nails.[2]

The town sustained heavy damage from the tsunami that followed the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake.[3]


In October 2015, the Puntland government in conjunction with the local Kaalo NGO and UN-HABITAT launched a new regional census to gather basic information in order to facilitate social service planning and development, as well as tax collection in remote areas. According to senior Puntland officials, a similar survey was already carried out in towns near the principal Garowe–Bosaso Highway. The new census initiative is slated to begin in the Bayla District, in addition to the Eyl District and Jariban District.[4]


Bayla has a population of around 16,700 inhabitants.[5] The broader Bayla District has a total population of 14,376 residents.[6] Bayla is primarily inhabited by people from the Somali ethnic group, with the Leelkase Mahmoud Ali and the Majeerteen clans well-represented.


According to the Puntland Ministry of Education, there are 13 primary schools in the Bayla District. Among these are Rasul-Macbar, Kulule, Caris and Qoton.[7]


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