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Bandawe is located in Malawi
Location in Malawi
Coordinates: 13°41′08″S 34°35′41″E / 13.685508°S 34.594617°E / -13.685508; 34.594617Coordinates: 13°41′08″S 34°35′41″E / 13.685508°S 34.594617°E / -13.685508; 34.594617
Country  Malawi
Region Central Region
District Salima District
Time zone +2

Bandawe is a community in Malawi on the west shore of Lake Malawi. It is the site of one of the first Christian missions in Malawi, Bandawe Mission.

Bandawe Mission[edit]

The Livingstonia mission established a small station at Bandawe in Tonga country in 1878. In 1881 the mission moved to Bandawe to escape the bad climate of Cape Maclear and bouts of malaria that struck the mission.[1] In 1894 the mission moved once again to Kondowe, again for health reasons.[2] The former mission is a historical site, the ruins include a cemetery.[1]


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