Bandhu Mohanty

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Bandhu Mohanty
Bandhu Mohanty oriya film.jpg
Directed by Nitai Palit
Produced by Dhiren Patnaik
Written by Nitai Palit
Starring Gobind Tej,
Shanti Swarup Misra,
Dhira Biswal,
Anita Das,
Banaja Mohanty
Music by Prafulla Kar
Edited by Madhu Banerjee
Release date
  • 6 June 1977 (1977-06-06)
Running time
172 min
Country India
Language Odia

Bandhu Mohanty (1977) is an Odia mythological film directed by Nitai Palit. Gopal Chotrai penned the dialogue of the film.[1][2][3][4][5]


Bandhu Mohanty is a devotee of God Jagganath. He lives with his wife and children and maintains his livelihood by begging. When there is a famine in the village, he comes to Puri with his wife and children. Soon, they can not find food anywhere. When his wife asks him to pray to end their starvation, Bandhu prays to god, who helps him. Jagganath listens to his devotee's prayers and asks Goddess Lakshmi to meet their needs.


  • Govind Tej ... Bandhu Mohanty
  • Shanti Swaroop ... God Jaganath
  • Dhira Biswal ... King Gajapati
  • Anita Das ... Goddess Lakshmi
  • Banaja Mohanty
  • Lila Dulali
  • Bhim Singh
  • Biren Routrai
  • Prafula Misra
  • Sagarika



The music for the film is composed by Prafulla Kar. He was awarded as Best music composer for this film in Odisha State Film Awards

Song Lyrics Singer(s)
Kanhi Gale Shyama Ghana E Ghana Kalare Prafulla Kar Chitta Jena
Chhada Chitta Chora Chhada Chhada Prafulla Kar Vani Jayaram
Na Jaa Sajani Pahini Rajani Prafulla Kar Chitta Jena, Vani Jayaram
Namaste Prabhu Jaganatha Prafulla Kar Prafulla Kar
Mahabahu Akhila Jagatnath Prafulla Kar chita Jena


Box office[edit]

The Film got success and became a hit.[10]




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