Bandido (2004 film)

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Directed by Roger Christian
Written by Scott Duncan
Starring Carlos Gallardo
Cinematography Mike Southon
Release date
Running time
95 mins.
Country Mexico
United States
Language English

Bandido ("Bandit") is a 2004 action film written by Scott Duncan and Carlos Gallardo and directed by Roger Christian. The story revolves around the CIA framing skilled thief Max Cruz aka "Bandido" (Gallardo) in order to gain his cooperation in helping them recover intelligence data that was stolen by Beno Gildemontes (Kim Coates), a Mexican Crime lord.


Release and reception[edit]

The film was released December 10, 2004 by Innovation Film Group.[1] It received generally negative reviews.[2] Carlos Gallardo came up with the idea for the film directly after his involvement with cult classic El Mariachi. He created that movie for a mere $7,000.[3]


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