Bandits from Shantung

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Bandits from Shantung
Special edition DVD cover art
Traditional 山東響馬
Simplified 山东响马
Mandarin Shāndōng Xiángmǎ
Directed by Huang Feng
Produced by Raymond Chow
Written by Huang Feng
Starring Chang Yi
Pai Ying
Hu Chin
Sammo Hung
Chin Yuet-sang
Tien Mi
Yee Yuen
Chow Kong
Wilson Tong
Cham Siu-hung
Music by Wang Fu-ling
Cinematography Danny Lee
Edited by Han Chiang
Release date
  • 3 March 1972 (1972-03-03)
Country Hong Kong
Language Mandarin

Bandits From Shantung is a 1972 Hong Kong wuxia film directed by Huang Feng.


Knight Yin comes to visit his fiancee Tik but finds her house has been completely deserted. Suspecting it was the work of the henchmen of Ong, a bandit chief in the area of the Green Dragon Association he kills his henchman One-legged Wolf in the ensuing fight although Ma escapes. Yin contacts a friend from the town, Suen and arranges a valuable consignment to lure Ong's men in as bait and to eventually lead him to the kidnapped Tik. During the collection by Ong's henchmen, Yin is able to recover his fiance but not without cost. Back at his lair, Ong discovers that the "valuable" consignment is a fake and he has been double-crossed, particularly as his hostage has escaped during the process. Seriously angry, he dispatches his henchmen leading to a final violent showdown with Yin and his friends.


  • Chang Yi as Teh Yee
  • Hu Chin as Shao Lian Hua
  • Pai Ying as Bandit chief
  • Sammo Hung as Bell thrower
  • Chin Yuet-sang
  • Tien Mi as Ling-ling
  • Yee Yuen as X on forehead
  • Chow Kong
  • Wilson Tong
  • Cham Siu-hung
  • Jang Jeong-kuk
  • Choe Sung-kwan
  • Kim Ki-bum
  • Law Keung

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