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This is a Korean name; the family name is Bang.
Mir (MBLAQ) from acrofan.jpg
Mir at the 2012 Hello Baby press conference.
Born Bang Cheol-yong (방철용)
(1991-03-10) March 10, 1991 (age 26)
South Korea
Musical career
Years active 2009–Hiatus (Military Service)
Associated acts
Website Official Site
Birth name
Hangul 방철용
Revised Romanization Bang Cheol Yong
McCune–Reischauer Bang Ch'ol Yong
Stage name
Hangul 미르
Revised Romanization Mireu
McCune–Reischauer Miru

Bang Cheol-yong (Korean: 방철용; born March 10, 1991),[1] better known by his stage name Mir (Korean: 미르), is a South Korean singer, actor, model, MC and youngest member of the boy group MBLAQ, currently signed to J. Tune Entertainment.

In 2012, Bang partnered with fellow MBLAQ member G.O, with whom he had collaborated previously for drama soundtracks. In May of that year they released a single, "Wild," for MBLAQ's Asia tour in June, without a name and their debut was eventually postponed.

Bang appeared in South Korean variety shows, with the other MBLAQ members and on his own, and performed various songs by other artists. He wrote the lyrics to two of MBLAQ's songs, "You're My +" and "Can't Come Back."

In 2013, Bang joined Korean military variety show Real Men briefly and attracted much attention from the public.[2] In July of the same year, Bang and his fellow MBLAQ members made a comeback after over a year's absence with the mini album "Sexy Beat". It was also revealed that Bang participated in the production of the mini album. He wrote the lyrics of "R U Ok?" and "Girl". On December 24, Bang released his first digital single, "Come On", which was revealed earlier in MBLAQ's Global Sensation Tour of 2013, the production of which he had taken part in.


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Year Title Other performer(s) Album
2010 Bad Person Ahn Jin Kyung Ahn Jin Kyung
Going Crazy Kan Mi-youn
2011 Write Down Love Zia Avancer
2012 Do You Remember? Kim Johan, Lee Joon
2014 Hey! Come On Prin.Jerry Prin.Jerry

Making songs[edit]

cr.KOMCA(Korea Music Copyright Association)[3]

  • No.10000866
Artist Album Title Lyrics
MBLAQ 《BLAQ Style》 09. You're My + Mir, Rado, Ji-in, 1Take
MBLAQ 《BLAQ Style 3D Edition Repackage》 03. Can't Come Back Mir, G.O
G.O & Mir 《Even In My Dreams》 Even In My Dreams Mir, G.O
Mir 《MEN IN MBLAQ》 Watch Me Going Crazy Mir, 1Take, Rado, Dok2
G.O & Mir 《Strongest K-Pop Survival》OST 01. I Already Knew Mir, G.O
G.O & Mir 《THE BLAQ% TOUR》 Wild Mir, G.O, 1Take
A-Prince 《You're The Only One》 01. You're The Only One Mir, G.O
G.O & Mir 《IRIS 2》OST 05. Foolish Me Mir, G.O, Avengers,
Hyun Jun Choi
MBLAQ 《Sexy Beat》 03. R U OK Mir, G.O
MBLAQ 《Sexy Beat》 05. Pretty Girl Mir, MAYBEE
MBLAQ 《Love Beat》 03. Prayer Mir, G.O, Peebear
Mir 《SENSATION TOUR》 Come On Mir, Shin Jong Sub,
Shin Woo Sub
MBLAQ 《Broken》 02. Be A Man Mir, Wheesung
MBLAQ 《Broken》 03. Between Us Mir, S Kim
MBLAQ 《Broken》 04. 12 Months Mir, Cheondung,
Super Cheongdam
MBLAQ 《Broken》 06. Because There are Two Mir, G.O, Avengers
《PRIN.JERRY》 01. Hey! Come On Mir, Prin.Jerry
MBLAQ 《The Girl's Ghost Story》OST The Place You Left[4] Mir, G.O, Avengers,
Hyun Jun Choi
MBLAQ 《Winter》 02. Spring Summer Fall And Winter... Mir, G.O, Retro Funkee
MBLAQ 《Mirror》 02. Mirror MBLAQ, 1Take
MBLAQ 《Mirror》 04. Hey U Mir, 1Take, Raki
MBLAQ 《Mirror》 06. I Know U Want Me Mir, G.O, Retro Funkee


Year Title Album Remarks
2011 Watch Me Going Crazy The BLAQ% Tour feat. Dok2
2013 Come On Sensation Tour

G.O & MIR Unit[edit]

Year Title Album
2012 Wild[5] The BLAQ% Tour

Original Sound Tracks (OSTs)[edit]

Year Title Album Remarks
English Hangul English Hangul
2012 I Knew 알고있었어 Strongest K-POP Star Survival OST Part 1 K-POP 최강 서바이벌 OST Part 1 Duet with G.O
Because It's Heaven (Winter Rain)[6] 천국이니까 (Winter Rain) The King of Dramas OST
Part 4
드라마의 제왕 OST
Part 4
2013 What a fool I am[7] 바보같은 나 Iris II OST Part 5 아이리스 II OST Part 5


Music videos[edit]

Year Song Title Artist
2010 Bad Person Ahn Jin Kyung ft. Mir
Going Crazy Kan Mi-youn ft. Mir
2012 Do You Remember? Kim Johan, Lee Joon

Variety shows[edit]

  • MBLAQ The Art of Seduction (with MBLAQ) [2009]
  • Idol Army (season 5; with MBLAQ) [2009]
  • Quiz! Sixth Sense [2009]
  • Idol Maknae Rebellion [2010]
  • Yo' Tokyo (with MBLAQ) [2010]
  • Star King [2010]
  • Idol United [2010]
  • MBLAQ's Making the Artist (with MBLAQ) [2010]
  • Idol Cam (with MBLAQ) [2010]
  • Celebrity Goes to School (with MBLAQ) [2010]
  • MBLAQ's Sesame Player (with MBLAQ) [2011]
  • Dalgona [2011]
  • KOICA's Dream in Peru [2011]
  • Quiz Show Idol Conference [2011]
  • MBLAQ's Hello Baby (with MBLAQ) [2012]
  • KOICA's Dream in Vietnam [2012]
  • Jewelry House [2012]
  • Idol Manager (with MBLAQ) [2012]
  • All the K-pop (MBC Music) [2012]
  • The Romantic & Idol [2012]
  • Law of the Jungle in Amazon/Galapagos [2013]
  • Real Men [2013]
  • SNL Korea (with MBLAQ) [2013]
  • KOICA's Dream in Africa [2013]
  • Beatles Code 3D [2014]
  • Nangam School Season 2 [2014]
  • Oh! My Baby [2014]
  • A Celebrity is Living at our House [2014]
  • Let Me In Season 4 [2014]
  • First Day of Work [2014]
  • Beauty Battle [2015]
  • K-EDM Star Project! MASH-UP! [2015]
  • King of Mask Singer [2016]
  • Snow Star Power [2016]
  • Lee Kyung Kyu's Cooking Expedition [2016]
  • Beauty Station THE SHOW [2016]
  • A Strange Vacation [2016]
  • I'm A Film Director Too: Youth Movie [2016]

Television dramas[edit]

Year Network Title Role Remarks
2010 MBC Housewife Kim Kwang-ja's Third Activities Jin's group member Cameo
2012 Channel A Strongest K-Pop Survival m1 member Cameo
2013 MBC Every 1 The Dramatic Student
2016 MBC Larva and Friends In My Embrace Areutong


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