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Bank Street Music Writer was an application for composing and playing music for Atari 8-bit, Apple II, Commodore 64 and DOS (PC). It was written by Glen Clancy and published by Mindscape. The original Atari version, developed under the name "Note Processor" was released in 1985 and used the computer's on-board sound chip to produce four-voice music recordings. The Commodore 64 version also used that system's on-board sound port, while the Apple and PC versions required a sound card that was included in the retail box (a clone of the Apple Mockingboard), or alternately use the 3-voice sound chip standard with all Tandy and PCjr computers.

Users could input sheet music (up to four voices on the Atari version and six on the PC) with the keyboard and play back the results or print it. The program also came with several pre-entered songs, including an excerpt from the Nutcracker Suite and "On Top Of Old Smokey", which form the basis of the tutorial.